Praise For Spencer Flint Tennis

Spencer Flint is a fit for any player looking to improve his or her tennis game, no matter what age or skill level. His passion for tennis is one of a kind and his knowledge about the sport is immense. This summer I worked for him at the Bally Meade Country Club and also trained with him. Three weeks prior to entering the semi-finals of the Massachusetts Division 1 State tournament I lacked confidence and was performing very poorly. He made sure that I was going to win the Championship by motivating me with his high energy and positive reinforcement. He pushed me to achieve my maximum potential and never had a negative attitude in doing so. I went into the semi-finals pumped and ready to play. Although my serve was not as good as usual I remembered what Spence had told me during training sessions, “racquet head up or 20 push ups.” I kept my racquet head up and stayed positive, something that was before hard for me to do. Spencer Flint is not only a great modern tennis teacher but also a great motivator, boss, and friend. I highly recommend him to anyone who loves the sport of tennis.

Joe DeLinks
2008 Massachusetts Singles State Champion

Spencer Flint has coached my daughter, Kate Donnelly, for the past three years.

Spencer is an extremely knowledgeable tennis instructor. He designed a program to increase Kate’s physical and mental game.

Spencer is an enthusiastic coach, who is always bringing new methods and strategies to practices. For example, he will introduce new workouts, tapes and reading material for on and off the court.

Spencer leads by example. He tells Kate to work hard and to be motivated which he also lives by. For example, Kate was getting ready for a nationally ranked tournament and during one of their practices Spencer pulled a muscle in his back. Standing was painful for him but that did not stop him from continuing to work out with Kate every day. Spencer is a dedicated coach who lives up to his responsibilities, and does what it takes to get his athlete ready.

A positive attitude is always the environment around Spencer. Negativity is never present.

Training with Spencer Flint has been the best thing for my daughter Kate. Her game has improved tremendously and this would not have happened if it wasn’t for the patience and dedicated work of her coach, Spencer Flint.

Rosemarie Donnelly
Mother of Kate Donnelly, whose ranking jumped over 100 spots

Ballymeade County Club retained Spencer Flint as Director of Tennis in late August 2007 as a sub contractor to the operation and he continues in that position to this date.

Spencer has worked successfully with our team this year in restarting the tennis program at Ballymeade. His energy and love for the game of tennis coupled with being one of the only certified Modern Tennis Method instructors in the region has allowed him to begin to build a solid foundation for his program as well as the foundation for the club. Spencer’s consistent high-energy work ethic is the basis of his success.

Charles T. Passios
COO New Falmouth Woods, LLC (owner of Ballymeade Country Club)

Ken, my name is Jae Erdekian, a Falmouth summer resident, and I and my kids started taking lessons from Spencer this summer. My 2 girls just got off the court w him for the 1st time, and were raving about the experience, the techniques and just how much fun they had. My wife watched the lesson and said it was fantastic. My kids, while still beginners, have been taking lessons over the past summers w Kevin Pease’s team, who I’m not knocking, but this lesson truly stood out. I’m not one for writing testimonials, but this one is warranted. Thanks,

Jae Erdekian

My sixteen-year-old son, Nathaniel Goehring, began working twice-weekly with Spencer Flint at Winchester Indoor Lawn and Tennis Center in September, 2006. Nathaniel is a member of the Winchester High School tennis team (division 2 state champions three out of the last four years). He is a sophomore hoping to crack the starting line-up this spring. He had been taking lessons from the same pro for many years and we anticipated a difficult transition when that pro left the club. In fact, Spencer made the transition an easy – and extremely productive – one.

Spencer immediately “clicked” with Nathaniel, demonstrating tremendous skill in communicating with junior players. He quickly diagnosed two key areas of Nathaniel’s game that needed improvement: backhand and footwork. Switching from a one-handed to a two-handed backhand was a major change and in just four months Nathaniel has effectively made this transition. He encouraged Nathaniel to work on strength and conditioning at a local gym with a particular emphasis on footwork. In addition to the nuts and bolts of the physical game, he has worked with Nathaniel on strategy and developing a stronger mental game. He has encouraged Nathaniel to play USTA tournaments. In short, he has taken a holistic approach to coaching Nathaniel – paying attention to all aspects of his game, in fact to his life. For instance, Spencer called to check in during mid-term exam week, thereby giving Nathaniel the message that focus – in tennis, in schoolwork – is key. Spencer has given the highest level of energy and intensity to every single lesson, and Nathaniel has finished each hour sweating – and with a sense of progress made. We have absolutely gotten more than our money’s worth.

It is also important to note that Spencer can play. This is critical for high school boys. They want no pretenders, no ball feeders without legitimate tennis resumes. He earned my son’s respect with his tennis ability, his teaching ability, his intensity. Local tennis watchers have noted the improvement in Nathaniel’s game and the credit goes to Spencer.

Lori Goehring

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Dear Mr. Passios: I am a member at Ballymeade and I felt it appropriate to send you this email regarding your very smart move in bringing Spencer Flint aboard this year.

I belong to several clubs and have had exposure to many tennis pros. I can tell you definitively that Spencer is one of the best. He is terrific not only from a technical perspective but the enthusiasm that he brings to everyone regarding tennis is contagious.

To be blunt, your tennis program in the past has been abysmal. This year it is extraordinary and I can see the program building under his guidance. He’s great with the adults and spectacular with the children. I actually look forward to lessons and his drill and play sessions during the week. I feel so strongly about his ability that I have recommended to the management of the Westport Hunt Club as well as the Westport Tennis Club (both of which I belong) that they hire him as their Head Pro.

I am sure that I am one of many positive references that you have received on him. I look forward to seeing him at the helm next year. Regards,

Randolph S. Gulian

We have never met but I have taken lessons at your country club for a long time – perhaps 6-7 years now. Almost every year it seems there is a new tennis instructor. Last year the tennis instructor was fired before the end of the year and the program suffered as a result.

Spencer Flint is by far the best Director of Tennis you have ever hired. He has the best teaching skills, enthusiasm, and energy of all of them. I hope you are able to retain him for this season and beyond.

Incidentally, after I heard Spencer describe in glowing, enthusiastic terms his new programs, nets, basket of new balls, court maintenance program, additional instructors he has hired and so on I warned him as we skiers say “not to get too far out in front of his skis.” The management of your club is very bottom line oriented and he needs to get the players and the revenues in before he expands the program too extensively and building the program up may take time. Incurring significant expenses before revenue receipt perhaps caused the downfall of the others and I would hate to see Spencer suffer for this same reason. Anyway, I thought you would be pleasured to hear this also. Thank you,

Ray Ruddy

After one summer of semi-privates with Spencer, my partner and I not only developed skills at serve and volley, we also earned a spot on a higher level team and ended the season with more wins than our previous two years combined. Spencer is committed to helping each player, regardless of ability, improve at their own game in a professional and enthusiastic manner.

Joanne Shaw & Karen Trulli

I am writing in reference to my work experience with Spencer Flint. He has been my tennis instructor for one year at Winchester Lawn & Tennis Center.

There are so many qualities that Spencer displays that would make him a vital asset to any tennis complex. His communication skills are exceptional and this is crucial in establishing relationships with clients. He is able to establish an immediate rapport with those he instructs which I believe jumpstarts the training. Spencer also has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism throughout the period I have worked with him.

In addition, Spencer is a very dedicated and motivated tennis instructor. He understands what it means to work hard and his level of commitment in training me has been outstanding. He has instructed me at 6am three mornings a week for the past year. Not only does he motivated me at such an early hour, but he always makes the instruction worthwhile and enjoyable.

I feel the combination of his tennis experience, dedication to his work and his natural gift to instantly teach and connect with people are the perfect characteristics to have in this type of position. I highly recommend Spencer as a tennis instructor.

David Tyrie

There are ten million people teaching and coaching tennis,and then there is Spencer Scott Flint. A rare talent, Spencer has a gift to fix any problem you may have in your game. Spence brings passion, competence and care to the court second to none.

Patrick Segfeldt
Director of Tennis, Mizner Country Club, Delray Beach, Florida

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